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Tallinn, Estonia, 27 April 2017 – Anne Samlik receives today the European Hospitality Foundation (EHF) award at the margins of HOTREC’s 74th General Assembly. The prize acknowledges Ms. Samlik’s remarkable contribution to the hospitality sector in Estonia and Baltic region.

I am glad to distinguish Anne Samlik with the symbol of prestige of the hospitality sector, for her many years of work contributing to the development of tourism in Europe and around the Baltic Region.”, said Ms. Susanne Kraus-Winkler, President of Hotrec and of the EHF.

 “This award aims at recognising Ms. Samlik’s dedication and many achievements in the field of the tourism sector during her entire career experience”, added Mr. Joan Gaspart, Vice-President of EHF.

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The parallels between fashion, laundry and revenue management are uncanny.

Look at yourself in the mirror. See that carefully curated ensemble you’re wearing? See all those textures, patterns and fabrics with just the right pop of trendy colour? Looking that great takes work, especially the ongoing maintenance to keep those clothes looking good. Let’s face it – this part of fashion is a chore.

During the university years, you probably used the cost-efficient approach of washing all your clothes together in one load. Your laundry got fairly clean, but over time your whites were not quite as white, your coloureds became dull (thank you, blue jeans) and your sweaters frayed. As a student, these poor results probably didn’t bother you much.

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Tallinn, 26 April 2017 – A success story continues: With Slovenia the Hotelstars Union welcomes its meanwhile 17th member.

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While it becomes more and more common to book hotels and flights online, consumers are encountering a growing number of problems with online travel services. These services are now among the most frequent consumer complaints according to the European Consumer Centres.

The European Commission and EU consumer protection authorities launched a coordinated screening of 352 price comparison and travel booking websites across the EU in October 2016. They found that prices were not reliable on 235 websites, two thirds of the sites checked. For example, additional price elements were added at a late stage of the booking process without clearly informing the consumer or promotional prices did not correspond to any available service.

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2017.gada 31.martā Ekonomikas ministrijā notika Latvijas Viesnīcu un restorānu asociācijas un tūrisma nozares pārstāvju tikšanās ar Ekonomikas ministru A.Ašeradenu par samazinātās PVN likmes saglabāšanu viesnīcu pakalpojumiem.