Baltkrievijas lielākā starptautiskā tūrisma izstāde “Otdih 2018” valsts galvaspilsētā Minskā norisinājās no 4. aprīļa līdz 8. aprīlim.

Latvijas nacionālajā stendā, kuru organizē LIAA Tūrisma departaments, strādā pārstāvji no Kurzemes tūrisma asociācijas, Latgales tūrisma asociācijas “Ezerzeme", Liepājas pilsētas pašvaldības administrācijas, Latvijas Viesnīcu un restorānu asociācijas, Daugavpils Marka Rotko mākslas centra, SIA “Latvia Tours”, SIA “AFY TRAVEL” un SIA “Averoja”.

Lithuania and Latvia have been very well known in Europe and outside it, for the countries’ historic paths and their cultural heritage objects, (especially, e.g., centuries-old-mansions), natural surroundings which have been altered very little in recent times, the countries’ resorts, and many other things which are very much valid for the concerned project.


Brussels, 26 March 2018 – HOTREC, the European umbrella association of hotels, restaurants and cafés urges policy makers and especially online platforms to assume their liabilities towards consumers and society regarding so-called ‘collaborative’ economy activities. While the European Commission and the UK, during the past days, set clear signs that platforms have to take their responsibilities, the Spanish competition authority still shows unaccountable tendency towards liberating such platforms from their liabilities.

The UK ‘All Party Parliamentary Group for Tourism’ issued its interim report on 22 March, highlighting the urgent need for better enforcement of legislation and the creation for a level playing field between the rapidly emerging activities of short term rental of properties and the regulated tourist accommodation provision. The report stresses that despite in many occasions activities are comparable, collaborative type of activities are exposing society to higher risks when it comes e.g. to safety or fiscal compliance. The text calls for platforms to accept their responsibilities.

On the opposite, on the same day, the Madrid National Commission on Markets and Competition (CNMC) appealed a new Spanish law which is obliging online platforms to closer cooperate with authorities when it comes to compliance with fiscal obligations.

Still on taxation, on 21 March the European Commission made a right step towards more balanced competition, when proposing legislation to have online platforms paying their taxes where they create value, independently whether they have physical presence in the country or not.

“More and more politicians recognise the need to step up against the current unfair market conditions on the ‘collaborative’ economy related markets, which affect both consumers and society. Registration of the activities, direct tax collection by online platforms based on the individuals’ activities are becoming standard procedures in several countries around Europe” – said Christian de Barrin, CEO of HOTREC.

“It is time to stop overprotecting both unregulated business activities as well as giant online platforms facilitating such activities. They are integral part of the European economy and should be treated accordingly both regarding compliance with basic sector specific regulations as well as fiscal obligations applicable to all economic players” – concluded Ramon Estalella, Chair of HOTREC’s ‘Collaborative’ Economy Task Force.

HOTREC will support all European Commission initiatives in this direction and encourages all Member States and regional/local authorities to move ahead on this path creating fairness and reassurance for consumers across Europe.

Semināru sērija Hotel Digital Lab 2018. gadā sniedz ieskatu izmitināšanas industrijas aktuālākajās tēmās un sniedz padomus, kā atšifrēt tendences, kas nosaka viesnīcu izplatīšanas nākotni. Semināri sniedz unikālu iespēju dalīties pieredzē, mācīties un iedvesmoties.

Datums: 21. marts

Norises vieta: Rīga, Aldara alus darbnīca, Tvaika iela 44.

Semināra norises laiks: 9:30 – 13:30

Seminārs ir bezmaksas. Informācija par semināra dalībniekiem, darba kārtību un reģistrāciju ir pieejama zemāk esošajā hipersaitē:


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